Lift chairs can help older people sit down and stand up, which is an important move for them. Because they can allow users to control their chairs to sit down and stand up easily without having to ask for helpers every time. This is extra helpful for caregivers or family members who are not just around.

Some people are not easy to tell the differences between electric lift chairs and power lift recliners when to do purchasing. The power lift recliners can be used to adjust the various parts to meet the sitting positions and heights of different users.

The lightweight structural design is robust and stable. With four linear pushrods, the users can easily use a simple controller to adjust their most comfortable postures. But general electric lift chairs only have get-up function unlike our power lift recliners with adjustable postures for comfortable reading or sleeping.

or the weight of one of our typical lift chairs will be heavier than ordinary ones, and in a required environment, like lin the living room or bedroom, if there is enough space to place need to be considered. Therefore, before purchasing, please understand weights and bearable weight limits of our lift chairs. Our products are about the weight of 50kg, and bearable weight limits are about 120 kg. It can uphold the weight of an adult or an elderly person.

There are many manufacturers in the market to produce power lift chairs. Every one has their unique functions and styles. The designs by Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. have European armchairs and American sofa styles.

Our multi-functional power lift chairs have comfortable seats that help users get up easily when to leave them. If users have knee regeneration, knee injuries, unable to make force and other factors, our power lift chairs are good helpers to lead a more free and convenient life!

If you’re a long-time worker or an athlete who wants to have a good massage after you get home to return your body to its best, then you should have one of the best massage chairs. It not only helps you regain strength but also relieves physical pains and soreness.

When using a massage lounge chair, since we have developed a 3D massage movement with a real-life feeling of hand massage, our massage chairs with functions of the 3D zero gravity massage and an extra air pressure massage will alleviate the tightness of your muscles. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep while enjoying the massage. And when you wake up, you will find a full relaxation and refreshment of your body and your spirit.

Massage chairs are not cheap, but depend on your needs. If you’re spending a lot of money in it and rarely use it, then a massage chair is not worth your investment. If you want to use a massage chair often, it’s definitely worth investing on one. If you have a proper one, you can enjoy a soothing body massage in your comfortable home by your own time arrangement. That’s the real value of a massage chair.

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