Yang Liber Industry is a lift chair manufacturer company in Taiwan. We provide a wide range of functional chairs with complete and total relaxation. The products include lift chair recliner, massage chair, pedicure massage chair, and passive exercise chair.

Nowadays, the healthcare and regimen consciousness are emphasized by most of people, so, with our 20 years experience to continue the further innovation and development, we launched the project and established second health business department from 2001, and use the brand AGAIN for our healthcare products.

We are always aware of the quality control, therefore the integrated process from parts producing, assembly to shipping, we don’t only request a strict test for material, parts and assembly, but also inspect products before delivery by the strictest standard to provide the best quality, reasonable price and short lead time to meet customers need.

Therefore, through the discipline, we obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000, and for the products, we were awarded CE/TUV approval. Besides, we also held many patented designs for products and some innovative mechanisms.

Based on our professional technology and service, we are always looking for the cooperative partners to achieve the common business profits and share the benefits.

The company has developed over the years

Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. is a massage chair and bed manufacturer from Taiwan. They provide a wide range of massage chairs with complete and total relaxation. Their relaxation product includes pedicure massage chair and horizontal vibration bed.

Yang Liber Industry was formally founded and focused on metal precise processing products in the beginning stage.

Expanding factory to Dali Industrial Park in Taichung county; the floor space is around 1815 m2 and over 30 employees.

Launched the health business department and introduced our brand “AGAIN”.

Gain iso-9001/2000 quality certification , and CE approval, and in name “Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd.” for export business.

Launched the innovative movable “up and down” roller massage on legs.

Introduced new designing Air Massage Chair with air squeezing massage performances.

Launched “3 in 1 type LI-0536S”which combined traditional massage performances, air squeezing massage performances on legs, and movable up and down roller massage performances on legs.

Successfully passed the European TUV and CE product safety certifications.

Awarded Golden Hands Award from Taichung County Government.

and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the fqllowing scope:

The manufacture of parts for stitching machine and sporting goods

Certificate of Registration

Quality management system - iso 9001:2008

Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015

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