Lift Chair

Now Featuring 4 Motors

The lift chair is a comfortable place to sit and help you stand up when you need to leave the chair. If it is about degenerative knee, a knee injury, a bad knee or other factors, the lift chair is also a good helper in life. It helps your life freer and more convenient!

After re-conceiving and re-designing the structure of the lift chair, Yang Liber Industry has introduced an innovative structure that can be adjusted by the controller to meet the height of different users. The lightweight structural design is still strong and stable. With four linear actuators, the user can easily sit and adjust the posture that suits his or her most comfortable posture with a simple graphic controller.

If you are only interested in the structure of the lift chair, please feel free to inquire. You can purchase our lift chair structure and pack it into your own products for sale. Or you can also ask Yang Liber Industry to produce the product for you as OEM/ODM.

Height Adjustment

The lift chair is a comfortable place to sit and help you stand up when you need to leave the chair.

Tilt Footrest Up Recline

Liyang has a function of the lift chair, and the part of the chair is mainly adjusted for the height of the seat.

Retreat & Lift

lift chair Showcases the functions that the chair can adjust, with the chair tilted, the feet raised and the back of the chair reclined

Uplift Seat Cushion

Small but powerful! An uplift seat cushion you can move easily and use it wherever you need it the most in the house. (power socket required for operating)

Passive Exercise Chair Recliner

The passive exercise chair recliner can help you to lower the tense of your muscles and make you feel like jumping rope or jogging but you are actually lying on the chair.


From the experiences of making massage chairs, Yang Liber Industry has extended the business from household appliance to nail salon equipment.

The relaxation products include pedicure massage chairs and horizontal vibration beds.

lift chair rhythm chair recliner passive exercise equipment Massage Chair
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For OEM & ODM services, Yang Liber Industry is professional in Metal Stamping, Sewing Machine Parts, Auto Spare Parts, and various customized precision products. We do OEM sewing machine parts for well-known brands like Brother, Janome, and Juki.


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