WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration)

rhythm chair recliner is whole body periodic acceleration (WBPA) therapy makes the vessels to generate nitric oxide. Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy is recommended using regularly to maintain wellness.Yang Liber Industry is best massage chair in the world

The equipment theory was introduced in 1995 in the USA

passive exercise equipment By means of a mechanical driving mode, a platform that can carry the weight of an adult and moves back and forth horizontally works to relax and dilate blood vessels as long as the reciprocating swing and the frequency of swing are controlled in a steady state to simulate the pulse generated by a contracting heart because the blood will impact vascular walls to form the shear force and stimulate the endometrium to generate and release NO into the smooth muscle


Mass production of the equipment did not happen officially until 2008 and it was very expensive, with each unit priced at US$25,000 (equivalent to approximately NT$ 750,000), so only hospitals and clinics were capable of purchasing it; not every household could benefit from the equipment.

Yang Liber Industry re-designed the whole set of equipment in 2007 as authorized by Japanese practitioners. The seemingly simple reciprocating movement, in fact, involves many technical challenges to be overcome. How to control the swing when it reaches both ends in order to reduce the impact and make the user feel comfortable?; how to keep the noise  generated during movement within the standard range while the swing takes place at a high speed?; and many other requirements as well as the need to keep the cost within a range that is acceptable to ordinary consumers were all challenging the R&D team’s capability and wisdom

Under teamwork, everyone’s expectations were fulfilled; after all tests were completed, the patent application was submitted to the Intellectual Property Office.

After years of patent review, the patent was obtained successfully in 2011 and production began

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