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MOTORIZED passive exercise bed

Yang Liber Industry has taken another step further again. We present you the Motorized Adjustable Bed. With the wireless remote control, you can adjust the backrest and footrest to suit your need.

Nowadays, our bed is no longer a place for sleeping only. We spend our leisure time on the bed before sleep. For example, reading books, reading newspaper, watching TV, or using handheld digital devices. These activities all require a comfortable position. With ordinary bed, you can only sit up or lean on pillows. The comfortableness of course will be sacrificed.

With our motorized adjustable bed, you don’t need to sit up or lean on pillows anymore. By a simple press on your remote, sitting position will be ready in a second. You can even lift your feet and legs for a more comfortable position if you wish.

Motorized Adjustable Bed is available in a variety sizes and customization is welcome too.

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