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Information on processes for metal parts:

Stamping (also known as “Metalworking” and “Pressing”)

Stamping processing uses a metal mold and turns steel sheet or blank into shapes by mechanical presses. The common metal sheet uses by the stamping processing is less than 6mm and is processed at room temperature. It is generally known as pressing or cold stamping. This application uses extensive because of the advantages like a simple operation, good production effect, high precision, possibility of complex shapes, high utilization rate, and easy for mechanization and automation operations.


The workpiece is placed in a rotating spindle of the lathe machine. It uses high speed rotation to rotate the workpiece and uses the tool (knife) to make the shape or cut.

Laser cutting

Laser and wire cuttings are commonly used in electronic industries for sampling and small batch ordering. However, the precision of the laser cutting is not as good as the wire cutting, so it’s not suitable for using on the molds or parts that require the precision.

The advantage of wire cutting is it can cut thick material and the precision is 0.003mm. However, the process is very slow.

Laser cutting in the other hand is fast, but it cannot cut the parts that are too thick. In general, the maximum thickness of the workpiece is about 12mm. If the workpiece is too thick, the cutting surface will be uneven, and there will be carbonization. The precision of laser cutting is 0.01mm.


Grinding is one of the methods for precision and high precision parts. It is also the same as milling and electrical discharging that can process the workpiece into designing size and shape.

Processes that are applicable for this method are like the inner and outer surfaces of the part, flat surface, conical surface, slope surface, helical surface, tooth surface of the gear and surface of other special shapes. The advantage is that the grinding process can achieve high accuracy of the dimension and the position.

It can also achieve the highest grade of the roughness of the surface (surface accuracy is up to 0.000025 mm). However, due to the grinding tools are made in a certain size, it cannot be used for small shapes like the wire cutting.

Sandblasting (also known as “Bead Blasting”)

Sandblasting is a destructive way of processing the surface of the material. It uses particles like sand or iron to impact the surface of the material by using the power of the motor. This would make the surface like matte finishing (such as the texture on the plastic surface). It can also be used for erosion of a metal surface to achieve rust, deburring, deoxidation, stress treatment, friction coefficient adjustment, precision adjustment, high adhesion, beautify, silk, degloss, and etc. Those are for the enhancement of the surface finishing of the material. It can be used widely.

Die Casting

Pressure casting is referred to as die casting. The molten metal is poured into the metal parts manufacturing . After waiting it to be cool and solidified, the metal product will be formed into the shapes designed inside the mold. This method requires die casting machine. The first condition of the metal mold is it needs to be high temperature resistant. Due to it’s expensive making the mold, it’s not practical for huge castings and high melting point alloy. It’s more suitable for medium to small castings.

Extrusion Molding

The metal extrusion is the same as the plastic extrusion. It is mainly used for the products that have the same cross-section. That includes profiles, tubes, bars, wires, and etc.. The shapes are different depending on the mold used. After the extrusion, the material can be cut into different sizes as requested and then welding or other ways of assembling to form all sorts of goods. It not only saves the cost of the mold, the production can be varied using module methods. Such as window frames, shelve, whiteboard frame, computer heat sink and so on, are all for this category.

Forming (also known as “Forging”)

Forming is another way of producing metal parts. It is the same as the stamping process using pressing as the power source, and fix the mold on the top and the bottom of the machine. The material is formed inside the cavity of the mold by a high pressure of closing up. This will bring the material formed and fill up the cavity to achieve the shape required.

Laser Engraving

In addition to cut different kind of materials by high-power laser, engraving on the workpiece with graphics or text can also be achieved. Laser engraving is the action of the machine using laser engraving on the surface of the workpiece. With different power and density of the laser, it can create different effects on the surface. The computer controls the precision. The image effect can be engraved like a black and white photo. However, the quality of the effect can be affected by the material of the workpiece. Laser engraving can do gasification on the surface of a coating or plating and show the primary color of the material. Because of the engraving actually goes into the workpiece so, it won’t tear off like printing.


For OEM & ODM services, Yang Liber Industry is professional in Metal Stamping, Sewing Machine Parts, Auto Spare Parts, and various customized precision products. We do OEM sewing machine parts for well-known brands like Brother, Janome, and Juki.
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