How do you know whether you need to use lift chair

How do I know whether to use lift chair recliner and power recliners , up chair is a medical carrier for older people or those with limited mobility. The chair is typically placed up range for the living room or bedroom, when the mobility impaired or elderly may need up through the power lift recliners to help the body function smoothly forward so that the pace of the legislation will help to stand up. Usually there will be a large power lift chair in assisting obese patients. However, up chair in the market, more and more of note

 lift chairs

Yang power industry will get up in the lift chairs after rethink the structure and design, launched an innovative structure can meet the different users through the controller to adjust the height. Lightweight structural design, still strong stable. With four branch line of actuators, making it easy seat to adjust through a simple power lift recliners shown themselves in line with the most comfortable posture. .

 lift chairs

lift chair recliner will be applied to the structure of those features and functions to help you easily stand up. If the knee degenerative knee injury, was unable to make the force and other factors, lift chairs is a good helper in life, help your life more freedom and convenience!

 lift chairs

A durable structure design

Yang Liber Industry production is lift chairs on the structure that has been are very durable structure design, from proofing, manufacture, assembly, production outputs are one-stop manufacturer. And therefore the structure lift chairs can meet all the medical needs of the considerations and home security. For the elderly or mobility impaired or obese patients in the use of certain safety standards to achieve

two, got lift chair recliner for mechanical steel frame and seat composed of

steel and components is an important component of got a big chair. The design of the seat also take into account the different ethnic groups were using Europe as sofas and chairs made of lift chair recliner fabric material is to meet the needs of the consumer market, while steel structures and components meet the different users through the controller to adjust the height the innovative structure. Lightweight structural design, still strong stable. With four branch line of actuators, allows users to easily seat.

Third, adjust the lift chairs and multi-stage function

Since many medical equipment suppliers to understand when it comes to power lift chair system functions. lift chairs can be adjusted by the four legs of the actuator 4 up height, depth and tilt angle. And got up on the chair and tilt angle can be attached to the user’s spine position volts and hip, so that mobile is more important to reach safety.

Fourth, lift chairs cushion material

due up chairs for the mobility impaired or elderly need, and therefore would be more on the seat cushion material requirements, material selection cushion material is mainly to meet the needs of users, positive force in Taiwanese is the only manufacturer able to research and development and manufacturing capabilities and a variety of stamping parts for the system, sewing machines and all kinds of precision components for the system processed the Yang Liber Industry

five electric lift chair leg medical help to the role

played chairs can lift force through the legs, let leg for leg elevation and can produce good Xunhuanjitong. And leg elevation can reduce the pace of soreness and foot joints provide good circulation

Yang Liber Industry  force lift chairs is your home health aids

The company manufacturing a variety of multi-purpose health massage chairs, massage comparable to professional people, it offers Shiatsu, kneading or hammering massage function design, direct effect on the human body skin, muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic and joints, and used different severity and stimulate the meridian points, and then to clear the meridians, qi and blood, joints, bones and muscles Zi slip effect, so that the body to achieve the release of pressure, light-hearted discomfort.

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