Information on processes for metal parts: OEM & ODM Services and Tool & Die Design & Manufacturing

Yang Liber Industry is a metal parts manufacturing company which owns a comprehensive research and design (R&D) team, and has a well-equipped production line. We offer a wide variety of OEM & ODM services and stamping die manufacturing as well

OEM & ODM metal parts – for example, sewing machine parts, metal stamping, and turned parts.

OEM & ODM products – for example, beauty bar (face massager), heated massager, home care bed, and lift & rise recliner (chair).

Metal stamping die design & manufacturing (mould / mold maker) – for example, precision progressive dies, and single dies.

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Our Services

OEM & ODM Metal Parts

Metal Parts, Sewing Machine Parts, Metal Stamping, Turned Parts

For OEM & ODM services, Yang Liber Industry is professional in Metal Stamping, Sewing Machine Parts, Auto Spare Parts, and various customized precision products. We do OEM sewing machine parts for well-known

OEM & ODM Products

Facial Massager, Heated Massager, Home Care Bed, Lift & Riser Recliner

Under the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification, Yang Liber Industrial not only provides the production of metal parts, but also provides diversified product manufacturing services.

Metal Stamping Die

Tool & Die Design and Manufacturing

Yang Liber Industry is also a tool & die (mould / mold) maker, which offers the abilities of design, development and modification of metal stamping dies. We design and manufacture precision progressive dies and single dies

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