Have You Heard Of “Vertical Lift Chair Recliner”?

When most people hear about Vertical lift chair recliner, their reaction will always be “That is typically for the vulnerable elderly to sit on. That’s mostly right. Because the bodily functions of elderly people are naturally degraded, they will be

Too Tall To Find A Suitable Vertical Lift Chair?

Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. meets heights of users of from 150 to 180 cm at a time, introducing multi-functional sleeping vertical lift chair. With many years of experience in the OEM development and manufacturing, we introduce multi-group motors with

A Chair Suitable for Pregnant Women to Sit Down and Rest

When a pregnant woman is in ten-month pregnancy, her body changes as the fetus grows, and her life is somewhat inconvenient or uncomfortable. As a result of the pregnant edema, the later period she will experience more swelling of her

Am I fit to use a Sleeping Recliner lift chair?

Do I need a sleeping recliner lift chair? This problem may have been bothering you for some time. Using chairlifts is always needed. But the truth is that choosing a comfortable and easy-to-use power lift chairs for elderly to suit

How do you pick a suitable electric massage recliner

Before users buy a electric massage recliner, there are four questions to help pick a proper one. What are the benefits of massage? Is it okay to fall asleep during in a massage? Is a massage chair worth your investment?

What are the pros and cons of the prolounger power lift chairs ?

When to buy a prolounger power lift chairs does not always know what is a suitable one, consequently, how to choose is another big headache. We shall provide pros and cons of our electric chair seat lift to let users

Four Question When To Buy A Electric Lift Chair Recliner For The Elderly

There are four factors worth attention when to buy a electric lift chair recliners As people getting older, it’s natural that mobility and physical strength decrease, so it’s getting harder for them to maintain a simple daily routine. Even sitting,

How The Electric Adjustable Bed Work

If you find it difficult to get up and down your bed, or often feel uncomfortable sleep at night, an electric adjustable bed may be exactly what you need. Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. has designed electric bed from production,

Benefits to the elderly with our electric adjustable beds

Our electric adjustable bedsare designed for the elderly to lie down and rest more comfortably and adjustably. However, those who are the healthy elder also can get benefits from using our electric adjustable beds. As people get older, there are some

Add a Comfortable Power Lift Recliner For Your Home

Do you want to watch movies at home with a comfortable power  lift recliners? A right power  lift recliners can give you an extra experience and a different comfort when watching movies. To add something to your home theater, you
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