Electric Lift Recliners have a Big Impact On Us

Electric Lift Recliners have a Big Impact On Us, Everyone or their parents will become of age and face certain inconveniences in movement, and even have difficulties standing up when sitting in a chair. So letting your older parents easily

4 Factors to Choose a lift chairs for the elderly

When taller and bigger people or older ones need to buy lift chairs or lift chairs for the elderly, they will face a lot of choices. And choosing the best lift chairs is not only to fulfill the easy way

lift chairs the elderly. Meets His Customers’Needs

Lift chairs manufactured by Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. offer high-class, customized ones of lift chairs the elderly and medical lift chairs. They can help inconvenient users in a home environment, making them get up more easily. With over 39

Scientific research reports on the whole body (WBPA)

passive exercise equipment,Since its use started in the USA, many related efficacy reports have become available. Among them are some eye-catching ones, including the one released in Chest, the medical journal, with the title of “Effect of Moderate-Intensity Exercise, Whole-Body

WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration)

rhythm chair recliner is whole body periodic acceleration (WBPA) therapy makes the vessels to generate nitric oxide. Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy is recommended using regularly to maintain wellness.Yang Liber Industry is best massage chair in the world The equipment theory

The best auxiliary lift chairs in 2020

the best auxiliary lift chair in 2020 often is the onset of back pain, the body may be difficult to operate and carry out routine activities. That’s why in addition to receive appropriate treatment outside the hospital, the best way

How do you know whether you need to use lift chair

How do I know whether to use lift chair recliner and power recliners , up chair is a medical carrier for older people or those with limited mobility. The chair is typically placed up range for the living room or


30 YEAR-OLD PRECISION MACHINING FACTORY CREATES MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LIFT CHAIR TO HAVE A SHARE OF THE SENIOR MARKET With the structural imbalance between the declining birth rate and the aging rate, the senior group has also become the new business opportunity.


Yang Liber Industry is going to attend the Medical Taiwan Expo 2019 in Taipei World Trade Center starting Thursday, June 27, through Sunday, June 30. Exhibit products will be the stand-up assistance chair (also known as lift chair recliner) and


Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. is attending Taiwan Innotech Expo 2018. Our latest work of stand-up assistance chair (also known as lift chair) is going to be at the expo. We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth
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