How The Electric Adjustable Bed Work

If you find it difficult to get up and down your bed, or often feel uncomfortable sleep at night, an electric adjustable bed may be exactly what you need. Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. has designed electric electric bed from

Benefits to the elderly with our electric adjustable beds

Our electric adjustable bedsare designed for the elderly to lie down and rest more comfortably and adjustably. However, those who are the healthy elder also can get benefits from using our electric adjustable beds. As people get older, there are some

Add a Comfortable Power Lift Recliner For Your Home

Do you want to watch movies at home with a comfortable power  lift recliners? A right power  lift recliners can give you an extra experience and a different comfort when watching movies. To add something to your home theater, you

Four Questions of Buying Electric Lift Recliners

If you’re older, climbing from a couch or chair every day may not be as easy as it used to be. If you are between 45 and 65 years old, you may spend an average of 10 hours a day

FAQs Of Our Power Lift Chairs

What are power lift chairs? They are also known as lift chairs. They can help users who have difficulty standing or sitting down. They usually the groups that are mostly taller or difficult to stand. The lift chairs are all

Comparisons of Human Massages and Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Whether they are human massages or today’s state-of-the-art zero gravity massage chairs, they can bring some extraordinary benefits. But some aspects of zero gravity massage chairs have striking effects, especially for those people who don’t massage often. Therapies of massages

The Rise And Recliner Is Your Answer

Afraid to sit down and worry about not being able to stand up? The rise and recliner is your answer! The rise and recliner (also known as lift chair recliner) helps you regain your freedom of life and gives you

Electric Lift Recliners Have a Big Impact On Us

Electric Lift Recliners have a Big Impact On Us, Everyone or their parents will become of age and face certain inconveniences in movement, and even have difficulties standing up when sitting in a chair. So letting your older parents easily

4 Factors To Choose a Lift Chairs For The Elderly

When taller and bigger people or older ones need to buy lift chairs or lift chairs for the elderly, they will face a lot of choices. And choosing the best lift chairs is not only to fulfill the easy way

lift chairs the elderly. Meets His Customers’Needs

Lift chairs manufactured by Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. offer high-class, customized ones of lift chairs the elderly and medical lift chairs. They can help inconvenient users in a home environment, making them get up more easily. With over 39
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